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Wild Hare Pilates

At Wild Hare Pilates, we endeavor to provide our clients with a variety of classes that cover the essential Pilates principles and practices. We currently offer four unique classes to help you achieve your physical goals.

Tone and Sculpt – All Levels

Our principal class is a blend of classical and contemporary Pilates! This class is open to all levels – beginner to advanced. Due to our small class size of only six reformers, we are able to provide modifications that either progress or regress a Pilates move for our clients in most classes. The pacing allows for smooth transitions and enough reps for clients to comfortably grow and challenge their Pilates practice, whiteout feeling lost or bored. Though the reformer is the primary piece of equipment used in the class, our Pilates instructors will often include the Pilates chair, matwork, and other smaller Pilates props so that you are constantly challenged and engaged in your classes.

Tone and Sculpt – Intermediate/Advanced

If you are ready for a more advanced class and have mastered the basics, our Intermediate/Advanced Tone and Sculpt class can help you build on the essentials. This class is more technically advanced and provides more coordination challenges and variation in spring tension. It offers harder and more advanced versions of exercises that have been introduced in the All Levels Tone and Sculpt class while introducing unique movements using the basics of mind-body movements that traditional Pilates is built on. This class moves at a faster pace and is much more dynamic, therefore we encourage you to be injury-free or comfortable enough to modify exercises when necessary. Please know that you can take breaks when you need to. It is recommended that you complete at least ten All Levels Pilates classes so that you feel comfortable modifying and maintaining safe mind-body awareness during this challenging class.

Jump Board


Get your cardio in and your heart pumping through low-impact and high-intensity Jump board classes. The Jump Board class continues training the essential Pilates principles of exercise and movement while adding a safe cardio element to the mix. By attaching a Jump Board to the end of the Pilates reformer, we can adjust the spring tension in class so that you can lie on your reformer and Jump. The springs provide enough resistance so that you can get your heart rate up while jumping, but also help you avoid the amount of impact on your joints that a traditional cardio exercise would cause. We can further adjust the springs to change the focus of the jumping exercise, targeting different muscle groups within the class. This class allows you to further target muscle toning through essential  Pilates challenges, while incorporating more calorie burning cardio.


It is recommended that you have some experience with Pilates before joining this class

Tone & Stretch

Our Tone &Stretch class is a softer and more gentle Pilates session.  Designed to focus on deep stretching of muscles primarily using the reformer and other Pilates props, including bands, balls, and the fitness circle, this class encourages a release of physical and mental tension and stress. It improves flexibility and allows you to take the time to decompress. This is a great class to get started on the reformer if you want to take it extra slow. It is also great if you do a lot of physical activity in your day-to-day life, and need to schedule time for stretching so that you know you are taking the time to do it.

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