beginners only

Free Orientation Classes


This is an orientation for beginners only who are interested in starting a Pilates routine. Please consider private sessions if you have never taken a Pilates Reformer class before, especially if you have specific issues that need attention prior to coming to class.

beginner, all level and intermediate

Tone & Sculpt

50 min. Using the Pilates Reformer to tone, sculpt and stretch your body back into alignment. Learn proper form and how to get the right muscles to fire up and engage, taking unnecessary stress off your back and neck.

Challenge your balance with different exercise sequences on the Pilates Reformer and the Pilates MVE chair.

You’re going to love how strong you feel!

beginner, all level and intermediate

Jump Board

50 min. This class fuses circuits of Jump board with super effective and focused core exercises to give you that strong and chiseled midsection. The Jump board employs the principles of plyometrics to train coordination, strengthen muscles and burn calories. It attaches to the end of the reformer and allows you to get cardio aerobic training with very little stress or impact on the joints, and the springs help the muscles tone without bulking. 

The Jump Board is a great alternative to traditional cardio and is recommended for anyone looking to strengthen lower body joints, get relief from osteoporosis or just looking to get a more intense Pilates workout!

beginner, all level and intermediate

Stretch & tone

50 min. More Stretches in a group class setting on the reformer. Helping you hone in on your physical need to stretch muscles longer. This group class will do some light exercise to warm up your muscles and prepare you to deeply stretch.

beginner, all level and intermediate

Sweat & Stretch

Private Infrared Sauna Session with mini-Stretch

Introducing the HeatPod by well renowned healing company Hydragun. The Heat Pod is an infrared sauna blanket that delivers full-body infrared heat therapy for improved recovery, better heart and systemic health, and stress relief. The perfect companion to help you relax and recharge post-workout, before bed, or at any time of day.


All sessions are by appointment only. Call to schedule.

beginner, all level and intermediate

Assisted Stretching

30 min. Assisted Stretching is also available by appointment and includes a Theragun massage on tight muscle spots. Utilizing the Pilates Reformer and the Cadillac for personal attention to the trouble spots needing special attention. $45 / session. 

All sessions are by appointment only. Call to schedule.

beginner, all level and intermediate

Hatha Yoga

50 min. Hatha yoga. is a branch of yoga that uses physical techniques to try to preserve and channel vital force or energy. The Sanskrit word हठ haṭha literally means “force”, alluding in to a system of physical techniques. We will guide you through various asana poses and breaths to achieve stretching and strengthening your body. See class schedule for availability.

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