Wild Hare Pilates

Lake Balboa & San Fernando

Why Wild Hare?

hare /hair/

a swift, strong animal symbolizing transformation, balance, intuition, inspiration, fertility, creativity and luck.

wild hare /whyld hair/

to have an intense, and typically sudden, enthusiasm or zeal to do something out of the ordinary.

wild hare pilates /whyld hair pi-lah-teez/

a bad ass workout for bad ass humans.

Why You?

What separates Wild Hare Pilates from other studios is our heart. Our intention is to empower each of our members to feel their own strength and to help them achieve their unique goals. 

We keep our classes at 6 reformers so we can offer individual attention and assistance to each member, while still offering the energy and camaraderie that comes with a group class.

We are deeply committed to each of our members and can’t wait to add you to our community.

Members Say:

what we Offer

Passion & Expertise

We offer 30 plus years of combined experience teaching Pilates. Our instructors come from various expert Pilates certifications and individual backgrounds. Giving our clients a variety of class styles and teaching techniques. Giving you a well rounded unique Pilates practice.

Group Classes

Group classes consist of only 6 clients maximum a class. This ensures you get the right cues and individual attention on corrections and adjustments to suit your current pilates level.

Private Instruction

Personal and targeted sessions with expert instructors to address your specific needs, focusing on areas you need strengthened.. 50 minute sessions utilizing the Cadillac/Trap table apparatus as well as the Reformer in our private room.

One-to-One Attention

It’s important to give our members one-to-one attention in both group classes and private sessions. We feel this is the best way to assist our members in achieving their individual goals. You are considered a member of our Wild Hare community, and we are here for you.

small groups, semi-private and private lessons

Classes & Privates

New to Pilates? Not a problem! We offer a 3 Private Intro Package that you can take to acclimate you to the Pilates Reformer and Pilates MVE Chair. We will guide you on how to use modifications, if you need, into your classes. This allows us to get to know you and your specific body. This can also determine if private instruction is better suited for you.

The 6 Principles of Pilates... Centering, Concentration, Precision, Control, Flow and Breath


Honor Your Body